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Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures

Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures


The Company has Torrent Solargen Limited and Torrent Power Grid Limited as its operating subsidiaries. Further, the Company, along with Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited, has jointly promoted and incorporated two Section 8 Companies under the Companies Act, 2013 namely Tornascent Care Institute and UNM Foundation for the purpose of carrying out charitable activities.

Torrent Solargen Limited 

Torrent Solargen Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Torrent Power Limited. It has implemented 51 MW Solar Power Project at Charanka, Patan and has entered into agreement with M/s Wind World India Limited for developing, constructing and maintaining the 136.8 MW Wind Power Project at Mahidad in Rajkot and Surendranagar districts, Gujarat.

Torrent Power Grid Limited

Torrent Power Grid Limited is a joint venture between Torrent Power Limited and Power Grid Corporation of India Limited with a shareholding of 74% and 26% respectively. It implemented and operates 400 kV transmission system to evacuate power from the SUGEN plant to Ahmedabad distribution area. It has received transmission license from the Hon’ble Central Electricity Regulatory Commission.

Tornascent Care Institute

Tornascent Care Institute has launched a Paediatric Healthcare Programme – REACH i.e. Reach EAch Child with focus on health, hygiene, sanitation and child development. The Programme aims to positively impact lives of 25,000+ children across India’s rural belts over the coming years through active involvement of each member of the Torrent Group.

UNM Foundation

UNM Foundation undertakes Preventive Healthcare Programme in four urban slum areas of Sabarmati, Ahmedabad under which health services are provided to patients including children through mobile medical OPDs, daily nutritive food support, nutrition & health education, counselling and community awareness.