Business Areas


Distribution Licensee


Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, Surat and Dahej admeasuring an area of total 425 sq. km.

Peak Demand

At Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar 1906 MW at Surat 687 MW and Dahej 66 MW during FY 18-19

Sale of Units

11,537 MUs of power during FY 18-19

No. of Consumers

25.52 lacs consumers as on 31st March, 2019

Distribution License validity

Till 2025 for Ahmedabad distribution area

Till 2028 for Surat distribution area


T&D loss in these distribution circles, during FY 18-19 is amongst the lowest in the country.

Almost entire distribution network undergrounded in Ahmedabad and Surat

Continuously upgrades its T&D System to cater to the load growth in its license area.

Focused attention on safety, theft detection, vigilance inspections, slum electrification, etc.

Online User-friendly Customer Self Service Portal “” and mobile application “Torrent Power Connect”

The Company also has distribution operations in Dahej SEZ from 4th April, 2010 as a distribution licensee and has distributed 426 MUs during FY 2018-19

Vision, Mission and Core values

Ahmedabad - Dahej - Gandhinagar - Surat

  • 4165.77 Distribution Transformer Capacity (in MVA)
  • SCADA Automated System
  • Ahmedabad, Dahej, Gandhinagar, Surat, Gujarat(India)